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• Wedding invitations • Flowers • Photo Booth
• Save The Dates • Candles • RSVP's
• Menu's • Fairy Lights • Wedding Cake
• Stationary • Children Or No Children • Cake Tasting
• Gifts • Table Seating • Tasting of Food
• Registers • Entertainment • Open Bar
• Guests • Sweetie Table • Bar Arrangement


All this can be overwhelming and confusing. Should we do this, can we afford that...  Let us help guide, direct and execute your dream day flawlessly.

Debbie De Jager, main co-ordinator, and co-owner is your answer to all the questions you might have.

Debbie will plan your dream day to the finest detail imaginable. From your first free consultation to clearing of the venue after all is done will be a smooth sail all the way.
All will start with an extensive interview with the bridal couple and their parents where all the do's and don't will be established.

You will be able to rest assure that every aspect of the wedding day and everything before will be done to a international standard. Simple things like a timeline of events plotted out in 5 min intervals will be one of so many things that will feature your day. You can literally just pith up at your own wedding and all will be done as you desire.